Testimonials – GG Practice Coaching & Development


“Geri is so smart, loving, supportive and truly an inspiration. She is an amazing coach and friend. Geri has been my coach for almost 3 years now and I love her to pieces; my whole team does. Her energy is admirable and her positivity contagious. If you are thinking of hiring a coach, I’m on team Geri! She’s changed my life, not only professionally but personally as well! Do it; you won’t regret it!” – Dr. Aimee Werremeyer

“Geri is an absolute superstar and is an amazing resource for practice teams and owners. I can’t speak highly enough for my respect and admiration of her spirit and skill.” – Joshua Austin

“Geri, you are great at what you do because people see the real you and know you’re not just saying something because it sounds good but rather because you have their best interest at heart. That oozes from you.” – Greg Tice

“Several of our team members this morning told me how much they appreciated you being in our office yesterday, how much they like you and how committed to your work you are. Thanks for being even better than I was expecting, and I had high expectations!” – Dr. Mark Wilson

“Thank you for everything you do for the team. We are blessed to have you coach us. The changes are tangible and very positive.” Dr. Wael Garine

“Geri, your polish and poise alone impress a success statement BUT wow! Talk about lighting up a room with your story…I am confident you hear this frequently, and yet it’s worth footstomping :)” – Erin Gordon


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