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The GG Practice Coaching “Why”:

Our why is to make sense of the complex and challenging and that is leadership and teamwork.
How we do that is to look to understand and find better ways. Better ways to communicate and work together. Better systems and protocols. Better and more predictable outcomes.
What we bring is growth, development and a trusting relationship where we walk with you.

What we believe is in order to do that we first start with helping you understand you and your leadership style.
Then we help the team understand themselves and each other.
Then we need to understand the business.
Then the community, how does your practice fit and how do they attract patients.


Meet Geri Gottlieb, Founder, and Owner of GG Practice Coaching & Development:

With a total of 28 years in the dental industry, Geri has useful experience in everything from practice management and patient treatment to administration and leadership. Having owned two large periodontal practices with her husband, she knows what it takes to successfully grow a business from the ground up. This experience gives her a better understanding of the multiple silos in our industry; clinical, leader, manager, and owner.

Always looking to accumulate more knowledge and understanding, Geri is certified in the Five Behaviors of a Team and DiSC Behavioral Assessments, allowing her to generate unique insights into the personal needs of each member of your team. She has also spent 4 years as a lead coach with ACT Dental Practice Management and Kirk Berhendt.

Geri’s passion for administrative excellence and organizational health are the foundation of her training philosophy and are all necessary ingredients for growth and development. She truly understands the importance of working on the practice, not just in and is looking forward to helping you achieve the success you’ve been searching for.

Our Core Values:

  • Growth & Development
  • Seek Expertise
  • Serve First
  • Don’t Spread Too Thin
  • Have Fun

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