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We are committed to helping dental practices achieve the growth and success they’ve been looking for through powerful leadership and strategy.

Transform your practice and engage your employees with specialty coaching, team development, and expert guidance in system creation. Whatever your need, GG Practice Coaching & Development is here to help.

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There’s no one size fits all when it comes to growth. Together, we’ll establish a personalized plan that aligns with your vision and core values. This way, you can be confident that you’re getting the absolute most from the coaching we provide.

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Meet our GG Practice Coaching & Development team:
Kim Bates, associate & assistant, and Geri Gottlieb, owner & lead coach

“The World According to Geri”

Meet Geri Gottlieb
Founder and Owner of GG Practice Coaching & Development

With a total of 28 years in the dental industry, Geri has useful experience in everything from practice management to administration and leadership. Having owned two large periodontal practices herself, she knows what it takes to successfully grow a business from the ground up. Always looking to accumulate more knowledge and understanding, Geri is certified in the Five Behaviors of a Team and DiSC Behavioral Assessments, allowing her to generate unique insights into the personal needs of each member of your team. She has also spent 4 years as a lead coach with ACT Dental Practice Management and Kirk Berhendt.

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Success Stories

“I’m reflecting on our time the past few days with fondness and admiration. Three months into coaching with Geri and I have to say that her approach to leadership and accountability is not the way I expected would be the approach to improve systems and culture. At least, that was never the approach with my previous consultants. Geri is a different breed of consultant, she is a true Coach.

Her approach is valuable and foundational. Something to build upon. I can see how it creates individual accountability and fosters an opportunity for growth and leadership for all that choose to rise. She isn’t bringing us food to survive, she’s showing us how to grow our own crops to thrive. Thank you!” - Dr. Paresh Shah

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